Aeronáutica Gestión
Making real interiors dreams.
Aeronáutica Gestión
Making real interiors dreams.

Aircraft Refurbishment

Our work is completely handmade and fully customized, adapting to the different needs that each client needs or wants. We design and carry out comprehensive redevelopment projects jobs such as: replacement of carpets and clothing design, refurbishment and restoration of seats, repair and repigmentation of seats and any area on skin, linings and ceilings side panels, coating and refurbishment of furniture (Galleys, Tables, etc.).

The materials used by our company are the most distinguished and of the highest quality as our customers deserve. Through a constant process of updating our, we offer our customers an unlimited variety of skins, carpets, textiles, wood and decorative vinyls.


Each aircraft is different, each client is unique, and each design brief is as individual as our clients themselves. The results are some of the most beautiful and technically challenging interiors flying today.

We pride ourselves on our in-depth understanding of aviation interiors, using this knowledge not only to create highly feasible designs, but also to push the boundaries of possibility to create the exact look and feel you wish for from your aircraft interior. Our international design team is poised to provide innovative and proactive methods to meet your needs.


We offers a wide range of aircraft appearance cleaning services to meet the needs of every aircraft owner and operator. From the interior to the exterior, whether you choose standard or premium services, no detail is spared.

We know the details matter!

On Board Services

Our exclusive “on board services” department is making available to all our customers the highest selection of accessories for their aircrafts such us table and bed linens, cutleries, crystal ware or decoration objects as well as any other element that the customer may require. Through a set of exclusive agreements with the most prestigious firms worldwide in design and decoration.

Also, we design and perform galleys customization to provide our customers the perfect solution in terms of space and order.

About us

We are the first Spanish company specialized in interior refurbishments for both commercial and corporate aircraft, which can be considered a major milestone for Spanish aviation.

Our permanent innovation and improvement policy allow us to be on the cutting edge of the industry.

Approvals and Certifications

We are Part 145, DOA and POA that allow us to make any interior work.


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