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aircraft interior refurbishment

Aircraft interior refurbishment services of private and commercial aircraft poses two simultaneous challenges for specialized companies. Specifically, make innovative and original proposals, as well as suggest quality furniture and accessories, according to the needs and tastes of the client.

Too often, private aircraft owners and commercial airlines do not get satisfactory answers to their requirements for interior redesign. Sometimes they also don’t supply replacement parts. Fewer still have the capacity to propose and carry out the necessary renovations.

In this post, we will present some basic considerations for the renovation of the interior of airplanes and how Aeronáutica Gestión provides its services in this matter.

The basic internal structure and interior refurbishment of aircraft

It is true that each private or passenger plane has a standard space and features inside. Some manufacturers even offer limited customization alternatives, such as the color of the cabin and seats. As well as the arrangement and quantity of the seats and other elements in the space. The same is true for helicopters and its various uses.

However, it is common for owners and airlines to consider changes over time to meet new needs. Or, to adapt the interior of your aircraft to the new trends in terms of services and comforts; and also to carry out repairs.

In these circumstances, it is essential to have the advice of a company specialized in the reconditioning of aircraft interiors. Basically these types of companies must have knowledge about the interior spaces of the different models assembled by all manufacturers of private, commercial and institutional aircraft. This includes technical specifications, materials and limitations of the different versions of aircraft, to present feasible and compatible projects.

The importance of design in aircraft interior refurbishment

The interior design for passenger compartments, cabin, crew area, kitchen, toilets and luggage racks of an airplane presents interesting challenges. The limitation of space requires very much creativity to propose projects that fit perfectly with the dimensions of each room. In parallel, it’s essential that adapting to this requirement does not imply sacrificing mobility and comfort for passengers or customers.

Likewise, the contact between design and engineering teams of the company with the aircraft owners or airline managers is essential. For this, the staff of the supplier company must demonstrate empathy; which together with technical knowledge will favor the understanding of customer expectations. This ability makes it easier to undertake the interior refurbishment of commercial aircraft considering the comfort and well-being of passengers.

Certainly in interior design there are subjective perceptions of both the client and the designer that influence the reform proposal. Therefore, it is vital that the contracted company knows how to interpret the interests of the client, beyond its clear exposition of the purposes of the remodeling of the aircraft.

The above will influence the selection of elements such as panels, armchairs, couches, tables, carpets, as well as the colors and textures to suggest. It will even partly affect the arrangement of these components.

Refurbishing aircraft interiors with quality products and materials

In reality, from a small modification to a complete aircraft interior refurbishment requires the use of high-quality materials. Furthermore, these products must comply with the regulations of air safety regulatory organisms such as EASA. In this perspective, private aircraft owners and airline managers must ensure that they choose companies that work with products that are proven strong and durable.

For example, in the case of reupholstering seats, the most common is to use leather, ultraleather or high quality fabrics. In addition to foams for filling and adjusting the seats. To this we must add firm seams with an excellent finish.

In short, renovating the interior of an aircraft involves a considerable investment that must be compensated with furniture and accessories that support continuous use. And that despite this they look impeccable for a long time.

Why choose Aeronáutica Gestión?

So far we have mentioned the most basic points when undertaking the refurbishment of interiors in airplanes. In each of these points, the need to choose a specialized company capable of providing a comprehensive refurbishment service. That is, from the design to the total execution of the project carried out only with guaranteed quality materials.

For these purposes, Aeronáutica Gestión is among the best alternatives for owners of private planes, charter flight companies and commercial airlines. By extension, it is also a great option for public agencies managing helicopters and planes for police, medical, and rescue services, among others.

Since 1997, Aeronáutica Gestión has provided interior refurbishment services for all types of aircraft. In fact, it is the pioneer of its kind in Spain and an international benchmark. Each project planned and executed by the professionals of the company is personalized and adjusted to the needs and expectations of clients. During his career he has carried out more than 150 major reforms for airlines and private planes.

Certified methodology and procedures guarantee our services

The multidisciplinary team of experts from Aeronáutica Gestión interacts with the client to learn about the purposes and requirements of the reforms in the aircraft. Design and engineering teams are responsible for evaluating different remodeling options and presenting them in 3D demos. In the same way, our engineers monitor and are in charge of ensuring that all repair work, parts manufacturing comply with the regulations of the sector.

Consequently, we elaborate and install armchairs, couches, panels, carpets, floors and platting using only materials and spare parts of proven quality and in a traditional way.

On the other hand, Aeronáutica Gestión has certifications issued by agencies that regulate air safety in terms of maintenance, repair and cleaning services. Among them: EASA, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the Spanish Air Safety Agency (AESA). Apart from that, Aeronáutica Gestión is the official handling agent at the Adolfo Suárez de Madrid-Barajas Airport.

We have our own facilities in Madrid and Amsterdam to cover needs in Spain and the rest of Europe. But we also have a mobile team that can be moved anywhere in the world.

Contact Aeronáutica Gestión and our advisers will assist you with an uncompromised quote for Aircraft interior refurbishment.