About us

Oro de La Puerta emerged in 2014 with the introduction of the integrated production agriculture (A.P.I) modality, protected, regulated and certified by the Sierra de Segura Regular Council.

A modality that differentiates us from the traditional in the search for the quality of our oil, the care of our olive trees and the environment.

After this step, the initiative was born to differentiate and package all our oil in different formats and qualities.

With the introduction of this type of agriculture, we are more motivated by the care and pampering of our centenary mountain olive grove, surrounded by pine forests and rosemary.

High Mountain olive grove

With the introduction of a biological and natural pest control without using chemicals. The introduction of insects that fight pests such as
Coccinellidae or better known as ladybug as a natural predator, the introduction of hotels of insects, as pollinators and predators added to the flora that has been generated by respecting the environment, we generate an ideal ecosystem for a natural balance to exist.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

High Mountain Olive Grove La Sierra de Segura

Seal of Quality D.O Sierra de Segura

Der Regulierungsrat der Herkunftsbezeichnung Sierra de Segura garantiert die Qualitäten der nativen Olivenöle extra, die mit dem Qualitätszeichen der Herkunftsbezeichnung Sierra de Segura den Verbraucher perfekt identifiziert erreichen.

Todos los aceites que integran esta web y el resto de entidades inscritas dentro de la DO Sierra de Segura reúnen las siguientes características:

Origen: Aceituna de olivares de la demarcación geográfica “Sierra de Segura” – Jaén
Calidad: Aceite de oliva virgen extra
Pureza: Ausencia de residuos de productos químicos de aplicación fitosanitaria.

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oils

All our extra virgin olive oils are regulated and certified by the regulatory council of the Denomination of Origin Sierra de Segura in Jaén.

At Oro de La Puerta we start from caring for the environment and our olive groves while continuing to capture what our ancestors taught us.

Three types of Mountain Olive Oil make up our product menu; The first is the Aove Agouros, as a hallmark of the brand, an oil pampered with the strictest selection processes of our olive trees and with the olive harvest in the month of October, with a strict temperature control and collected from traditional way, with stick and shawls with in yesteryear.