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Refurbishing private aircraft

If you own an aircraft that requires reconditioning, it is important to remember that the task of refurbishing private aircrafts should only be entrusted to solid companies. These companies must have the appropriate tools and equipment, as well as spare parts endorsed by aeronautical organizations. But, above all, they must have a staff of qualified and experienced engineers, designers and technical personnel. In this way, it is possible to obtain results that meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

The following is an overview of possible improvements in interior design and other services for private aircraft. In addition, we remind you that in Aeronautica Gestión we are at your disposal to provide you with the best advice for an optimal flight experience.

What to consider before refurbishing private aircrafts

Often, when someone purchases a private aircraft directly from the manufacturer, there is usually no problem in refurbishing it. Most aircraft manufacturers offer a variety of interior design options to suit the needs and tastes of each customer. It should be noted that manufacturers already have a stock of approved elements in accordance with the regulations issued by organizations such as IATA and EASA. For this reason, if the buyer does not request major design changes  to  the interior compartments, the aircraft will be available relatively quickly.

On the other hand, those who have owned an aircraft for some years or have acquired an aircraft on the secondary market should hire a specialized company. This will enable them  to acquire professional reconditioning and high quality materials certified by regulatory agencies.

According to private aircraft specialists, most business jets fly less than 500 hours per year. As a result, they can be maintained for at least five years. When an owner decides to do  a major cabin refurbishment, he or she will most likely want to keep the aircraft for another five years.

In short, refurbishing private aircrafts involves not only an investment, but also a waiting time . This can take anywhere from a few weeks to months, depending on the demands of the project. For this reason, proper planning of the refurbishment project by the supplier is essential .

Main elements to consider for refurbishing private aircraft

The development of new technologies in the aeronautical sector means that the options for refurbishing aircraft interiors are constantly evolving. Indeed, the range of innovative elements is varied and makes it possible to optimize space. Even some technologies can help reduce cabin weight and replace obsolete elements. But above all, they make it possible to design more efficient and aesthetically pleasing interior spaces.

We will now talk about some of the aeronautical elements that make it possible to refurbish aircraft interiors efficiently.

The floor plan

First, changes to the aircraft cabin might require a rethinking of the floor plan. This will allow the configuration of the new seats, comfort and entertainment elements.Likewise, the essential aspects such as sanitary , kitchen and luggage carriers will also be configured. Beyond the added cost that this may mean, it is important to consider the downtime of the aircraft. On the other hand, it is important to have a supplier that constantly updates its stock of aeronautical parts and furnishings

This in order to have the latest  options from the manufacturers of these elements in terms of materials, coatings, styles and colors. So that the result matches the new trends of the aviation industry in interior design.

The most suitable materials

For an aircraft intended for long flight hours or for charter or executive use, durable materials are recommended.. An experienced private aircraft reconditioning supplier will certainly advise you to choose options that provide strength and style. By incorporating components with these characteristics, you will achieve considerable savings in the long term , since  you will avoid subsequent replacements. With regard to carpets, choose sustainable materials made by reputable brands.However , there are also sustainable, machine-made and highly durable carpet options on the market.

On the other hand, for the  so-called soft materials – such as leather, fabric and seat carpets – it is feasible to select leathers that are highly resistant to stains such as those that can be generated by dyes. In addition, for wooden elements it is possible to choose laminates of excellent quality. As well as high gloss veneers, preferably with a cured finish. This condition prevents the deterioration of the piece by cracking, shrinkage or turbidity.

On the other hand, it is a good idea to add vinyl mats or additional carpets in aisles and areas of constant traffic. This makes it easier to perform cleaning cycles and keep the carpets in good condition.

Another important aspect is cab lighting. In this case, LED lights and electronic window regulation are the latest trends.

Communication and entertainment

In particular, the addition of Internet and Wi-Fi on airplanes has expanded communication and entertainment options. For many executives, high-speed connectivity is essential to work comfortably during the flight. While charter customers can enjoy access to streaming platforms to watch movies or sporting events. And – why not? -play their favorite video games.

Small aircraft owners are opting for Wi-Fi to enjoy communication and entertainment via their smartphones or laptops. On the other hand, inside larger cabins it is already common to add screens, speakers and Bluetooth options.

In Aeronáutica Gestión we are experts in reconditioning private aircrafts.

Since 1997, Aeronáutica Gestión is the pioneer Spanish company in refurbishing private aircrafts,  in addition to being a world benchmark. In the area of interior design, we are at the forefront of current trends in the aviation industry. Our staff of engineers, designers and technicians have the necessary experience to execute the most demanding projects. All our procedures and materials for redesigning spaces and replacing parts are EASA certified. As well as AESA  and FAA. At the same time, our remodeling service options  are very broad. In summary, we mention:

  • Manufacture of covers and foams, overhaul, repair, treatment and retinting of leather and leather customized in colors and designs for armchairs and sofas.
  •  Reupholstered of leather, fabric or ultraleather panels. We also repair fibers and customize these components.
  • Design and handmade elaboration of carpets and flooring. We work with the most prestigious suppliers: Kalogridis, Aeristo, Scott, Tisc, among others.
  • Manufacture, repair, varnishing, polishing and polishing of wood.
  • Manufacture of made-to-measure mattresses, finished in hygienic 3D anti-mite, highly breathable and maximum comfort fabric.

In addition, Aeronáutica Gestión also offers an aircraft interior and exterior cleaning service. In this sense, we follow the protocol and use authorized products for anti-Covid 19 sanitization required by competent bodies.

If you wish to have your aircraft reconditioned, please contact us, we will be pleased to improve your flight experience.