Services for Yachts

Experience and Quality

Our great experience in the world of aircraft interiors manufacturing, has led us to extrapolate our resources and experience to offer our personalized services to a sector as exclusive as the nautical one.

We guarantee a professional treatment and service in the design and manufacture of any type of textile element or decoration of the interior of your ship. Likewise, our excellent team of cabinetmakers, carries out the manufacture and / or restoration of any element of furniture in both natural and synthetic wood. We can also undertake the manufacture of outdoor elements such as awnings, tarpaulins and mattresses.

We also provide cleaning and disinfection services, both inside and outside of any type of boat. We have an excellent group of qualified professionals and use the most innovative products and materials on the market, adapting our interventions to the specific needs of each action.

Design and manufacture of interior cabin elements

Creation of personalized designs by our creative department, using the most innovative materials and configurations on the market.

Manufacturing of textile elements, wall upholstery, wood restoration, varnishing, manufacturing and installation of carpets and synthetic floors, restoration of metal elements, mirrors, etc.

Manufacturing and supply of personalised elements for personal use (bed linen, comforters, bathrobes, hygiene sets), crockery, cutlery, glassware and any decorative elements from the most prestigious firms, adapted to the spaces available.

All our works and materials, fulfill the specific norms as far as flammability and own characteristics of the saline surroundings that affect the interiors of the boats.

Exclusive integral cleaning service

In AG we have an excellent group of qualified professionals, who using the most innovative and reliable means and products on the market, have the mission to carry out the thorough cleaning of your boat, safeguarding the most important thing that exists, the health safety of all users. For this reason, ag is accredited by the Ministry of Health to carry out cleaning and disinfection procedures for any type of installation or transport element (ROEBS 1136-cm-sr).

Services provided:

  • Cleaning and disinfection of the interior and exterior by cold or hot spraying.
  • Certification of treatment against COVID-19.

Our technical department, will carry out an exclusive study of each situation by client in order to offer a personalized solution and a treatment adjusted to the problem. There are no global solutions but individual ones.

Our Equipment

  • Dry cleaning equipment in order not to damage the installed materials.
  • Special treatments of woods.
  • Insect control.
  • Rat extermination.
  • Certification of treatments.

Our operators have the highest qualification and training, that makes us reliable and give optimal solutions.

From AG we establish safe procedures in order to protect not only our customers but most importantly the safety of our workers, for this reason, we are accredited by Aenor as a company with safe environment in all services we provide.

Maximum quality and individual certification of all services and actions performed, this makes us a reference in the world of disinfection. That is why we have been the company chosen for the Anti-covid 19 disinfections carried out on the repatriated aircraft at the airports of Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Seville.