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Wood Works



We can refurbish any aircraft, from the little ones as a Cessna 525 to the biggest, as BBJ or ACJ. We are customer oriented, and the most important for us is the confidence of our customer.

We can make any interior work related to carpets, woods, panels, seats, metallic parts, etc. We can use leather or fabric, depending on customer decision. We are always developing new processes and testing new materials that can improve the operation and safety of the aircraft.

Design and Engineering

Each customer is unique and the aircraft interior is personalized, then AG has an specialised Department of Design to create the best solution that can meet the customer needs and expectations.

Design Team and Engineering department will check the best options for the works required, creating a render that will be done with the most advanced tools design and will comply with the customer interests.

Our team of engineers is using our DOA and POA approval to prepare the certificates of all the interiors works done, from a little repair, to a big refurbishment.





Our target is to offer the best service to meet the needs of our customers, then all the works and services are done under very restrictive quality controls. Our chemical products are enviromental friendly.

Our service is 24×7 anytime. Our main bases are Madrid, Sevilla and Málaga, but we can go wherever it is needed.

Aeronautica Gestion is including into its list of services the works that you can see below, with
the clear objective to give solutions to the customer needs. The customers have some
important problems that are complicated to solve, and Aeronautica can help them using the
most suitable products, the most specialized and experienced technicians and the best
equipment and tooling. Aeronautica has developed their own procedures to make these

  • Aircraft inertization with CO2
  • Insect protection
  • Rats elimination
  • Disinfection (COVID-19, Ebola, etc)
  • Disinfection using manufacturers’ approved products in base of EASA covid directive: SD-2020-01/02.
  • Spraying, nebulization and thermonebulization


  • Status Report to check all problems found in the aircraft related to cleaning.
  • Collect rubbish, newspapers, empty glasses and review aircraft furniture.
  • Vacuum all carpets.
  • Cleaning all seats surfaces and seatbelts.
  • General cleaning.


  • Deep check of the interior of the aircraft, noting any visible defects.
  • Collect rubbish, newspapers, empty glasses and review aircraft furniture.
  • Dry cleaning of the carpets using special foam appliance. Disinfection and fumigation for insects.
  • Application of anti-stain and fabric softener system.
  • Seats deep cleaning. A special leather cleaner will be applied to regenerate texture, shine and color of the raw material. Review the seatbelts.
  • Vacuuming all panels to remove all dust particles, after that, deep cleaning using special foam appliance.
  • Deep cleaning of all woods, removing any stain, using a special product.
  • Deep cleaning of all windows using our crystal-clear product for anti-static, anti-mist and non-reflective, purposes.
  • Deep cleaning of all metal items to get the original shine.


  • Deep cleaning and disinfection of the interiors of all cupboards, drawers, sinks, galleys and ovens.
  • Deep cleaning and disinfection of the whole toilet.
  • Review the water supply.
  • Dry and wet exterior cleaning of the whole aircraft.
  • Windows cleaning.
  • Leading edges, slats and inlets polishing.
  • Aircraft polishing with special products.
  • We can make the cleaning in the ramp or in a hangar.

Metal Plating

AG is certified worldwide to restore the decorative finishing (chrome, gold …) of metallic parts inside the aircraft cabin.

AG technicians perform painstaking work to restore chrome-, nickel- or gold-plated components to their original appearance and deliver them with EASA Form 1 certification or equivalent.

It is possible to restore the appearance of any type of component and in any color. The economic saving is very important, in the order of 60% with respect to the new component.

On board Service and Accesories

Our exclusive “on board services” Department is making available to all our customers the highest selection of accessories for their aircrafts such us table and bed linens, cutleries, crystal ware or decoration objects as well as any other element that he customer may require. Through a set of exclusive agreements with the most prestigious firms worldwide in design and decoration such us Haviland, Moser, Baccarat, Christofle, etc.

We design and perform galleries customization to provide our customers the perfect solution in terms of space and order.

Other Services

The experience of AG in the sector and the synergies allow them, to extend the quantity of services that can be offered to their customers.

  • Interiors line maintenance.
  • Interiors removal and installation.
  • 24X7 service.
  • Mobile Team.
  • Aeronautical parts sales.
  • Interiors incoming reports.